Seven Hills Preparatory Academy (SHPA) is a free, public charter school that does not require admission tests and has no specific academic requirements for applying.  Admission is open to all students who reside in Minnesota.

SHPA accepts enrollment applications in all grades, however, not all grades may have openings.  SHPA has two separate campuses.  One location is in Bloomington, MN – Elementary School only.  The other location is in Richfield, MN – Elementary and Middle School.

For Bloomington Campus: Admissions Director, Laura Finkel at or 612-314-7607
For Richfield Campus: Student Services Coordinator, Leslie Rimstad at or 612-314-7603  

2018-2019 Enrollment Information–Next Year School Information

The 2018-2019 Open Enrollment Period is November 1, 2017 – January 15, 2018.

To be included in the enrollment lottery, please fill out the Online Enrollment Interest Application by January 15, 2018.  If you apply after that date you will be added to the end of the wait list if there are no available openings.

Please note:

  • Applications will be accepted by creating an online enrollment account completed in the Online Enrollment Application linked below.
  • Please carefully check the school for which you are applying.  For 2018-2019 we will be offering the following grade level options (you can apply to both campuses if applying for grades K-3, we will hold two separate lotteries–one at each campus):  

    • Bloomington Campus grades K-5
    • Richfield Campus grades K-3 & 6-8
  • Create one account for your family, you can add multiple children under the account.
  • Wait lists are only good for one year, you must reapply if you wish to pursue enrollment the following school year.
  • Enrolled students do not have to reapply each year.

If you are interested in a tour during the school day,  you can email our tour coordinators below to schedule a tour for one of our campuses.

Please contact to schedule a tour at the Bloomington Campus.

Please contact to schedule a tour at the Richfield Campus.

Seven Hills Preparatory Academy (SHPA) will follow its established enrollment policy and procedure for the 2018-2019 school year while incorporating the following steps with respect to its replication. 

2017-2018 Enrollment Information–Current School Year Information

The 2017-2018 Open Enrollment Period was November 1, 2016 – January 15, 2017.

These applications below are for our current school year 2017-2018!

Application For Grades K-5 at our Bloomington CampusClick Here

Application For Grades K-2 & 6-8 at our Richfield Campus: Click Here

Please contact to schedule a tour at the Bloomington Campus.

Please contact to schedule a tour at the Richfield Campus.