Middle School Activities


Participation in clubs and sports foster camaraderie among students outside of the classroom.

SHPA offers before and after school activities for our Middle School students. These activities are designed to be extensions of the curriculum and additional opportunities for social-emotional growth and development. Some activities are fee-based and may be offered independently or in partnership with other programs. Some activities may also involve travel and competitions. All students are encouraged to participate.

All sports are held at the Bloomington Campus and all clubs meet at the Richfield Campus. A transitional bus from the Richfield Campus to the Bloomington Campus will be available for student athletes.

Fall Sports

Traveling Co-Ed Soccer.
Teams for 5-6 Grade and 7-8 Grade.

Winter Sports

Traveling Co-Ed Basketball.
Teams for 5-6 Grade and 7-8 Grade.

Spring Sports

Traveling Co-Ed Volleyball.
Teams for 5-6 Grade and 7-8 Grade.

Schedules will be posted when they are developed.

  • Theater
  • Art/Yearbook Club
  • Choir
  • Band
  • Math Counts
  • Chess Club
SHPA has a professional Suzuki Strings Instructor who offers string instruction to our students two mornings each week. There is a fee for this program.

The Suzuki method of learning music is based on the central belief that all people learn from their environment and that learning music follows the pattern of learning language. The components of Suzuki music education are these:

  • Music is best learned in community environments. This includes attending local concerts of classical music, developing friendships with other music students, and listening to music performed by others.
  • Just as every child is expected to learn their native language around native speakers, every child is expected to be able to learn to play music well when surrounded with a musical environment.
  • Students are encouraged to play from a very young age.
  • Using well trained teachers who are competent performers is mandatory for all Suzuki programs.
  • In the beginning, learning music by ear is emphasized over reading musical notation because a child learns to speak before learning to read.
  • Memorization of all solo repertoire is expected.
  • Music theory and note reading are left to the teacher.
  • Regular playing in groups (including playing in unison) is strongly encouraged.
  • Retaining and reviewing every piece of music ever learned is required.
  • Frequent public performance makes performing feel like a natural and enjoyable part of being a musician.
  • The parent of the young student is expected to supervise instrument practice every day.

All Seven Hills Preparatory Academy students (K – 8) are welcome to join Chess Club. We have two levels, Novice (beginners or non-tournament) players and Advanced (experienced or tournament chess player). Club meetings are the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 – 7:30pm, running from October – May. Meetings will be held in the Richfield Campus media room. There is an annual fee to participate. This is a competitive club and we encourage members to participate in School Chess Association (SCA) and United States Chess Federation (USCF) tournaments.

In the event that an extra curricular activity is cancelled due to severe weather or other circumstances, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy staff will adhere to the following procedure: