As a public charter school in Minnesota, SHPA is accountable to multiple constituents for our performance as a learning institution and as a receiver of public education funds.


SHPA’s Authorizer is Friends of Education, to whom we are accountable until 2020. Under Friends’ supervision, we have maintained organizational stability, fiscal responsibility, and academic success. Friends requires that SHPA submit an Annual Report detailing the school’s evaluation of meeting state reporting requirements.

Friends also engages in site visits that include general school and classroom observations, interviews with the Directors, Business Manager, teachers, students, parents, and Board members. These visits also facilitate Friends’review of SHPA’s general compliance with the Minnesota Open Meetings Law, Public Employment Relations Act, teacher licensing requirements, student immunization compliance, the Minnesota Human Rights Act, Minnesota Pupil Fair Dismissal Act, Minnesota Public Schools Fee Law, special education requirements, financial controls, and open enrollment processes and our compliance with local, State and Federal laws.

Friends’ oversight of financial affairs is accomplished primarily through a review of financial statements and an annual independent audit. SHPA remains a responsible steward of its finances as demonstrated by its careful oversight and its clean audits resulting in finance awards from the Minnesota Department of Education.

Friends of Education
11100 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 800
Minnetonka, MN 55305

MN Department of Education

The educational achievement of grades K-12 students across the state is defined by the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards which lists the teaching and learning expectations of public schools. These standards 1) identify the knowledge and skills that all students must achieve by the end of a grade level or grade band; 2) help define the course credit requirements for graduation; and, 3) serve as a guide for the local adoption and design of curricula.

Student mastery of these standards and our school success is measured through state and local assessment tests.

Minnesota has adopted the national Common Core English Language Arts standards in their entirety and expanded them with supplementary content. Minnesota has not adopted the national Common Core Mathematics standards and has created their own standards. These exceed national standards.

Visit The Minnesota Department of Education website to learn more.

Minnesota Education Standards

Minnesota has established Education Standards required for every school in the state. The subject areas include Arts, English Language Arts, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, STEM, and World Languages. For those subjects that do not have State Standards, school districts must develop their own local standards.

Please visit the K-12 Academic Standards page to view the standards list and specific learning requirements by grade level.

Standardized Test Results

Our MCA Reading, Math, and Science results show the success of the programs implemented at Seven Hills. To view our most recent school report card and other test information, please visit the following links.

Title IX Coordinator: Interim Executive Director
Carolyn Farrell, Richfield Campus Office
1401 W. 76th Street, Richfield, MN 55423
Title IX Investigators: Richfield Campus Principal
Title IX Decision Makers: Special Education Director
Title IX Decision Makers for Appeals: HR Committee Chair
Title IX Facilitator: Bloomington Campus Principal