Board Of Directors


The Board of Directors focuses on operations, ensuring that the school is faithful to its charter, mission, vision and compliance with all state and federal statutes regarding school policies, operations, and board procedures.

The Seven Hills Preparatory Academy Board of Directors is comprised of eleven members dedicated to the school’s mission and the success of all SHPA students. With a diverse background of expertise and experience, the Board consists of seven parent members, three teachers, and one community member.

SHPA’s Authorizer is Friends of Education:

Friends of Education
200 East Lake Street
Wayzata, MN  55391

The Board of Directors meets on the first Thursday of each month and all meetings are open to the public. Board minutes are posted to the school’s website. Copies of all minutes and finances are maintained in the Director’s office.

School Board Committees

In addition to the focus on operations, the members of the Board of Directors also oversee and chair Board committees. These committees may include volunteers from the school community and serve to ensure that the SHPA academic programming is successful, that the multiple elements of school and community life are addressed efficiently, and that the organization remains economically viable. These committees include Finance, Public Relations, Human Resources, Governance, and Facilities.


The Finance committee is a committee of the School Board of Directors. The purpose of this committee is to review the financial performance of the school, ensure that the school does not operate in a statutory deficit position, strive to achieve and maintain a 25% fund balance, and recommend and manage to an annual budget that accomplishes these goals. The committee is chaired by the SHPA School Board Treasurer. This committee also performs periodic reviews of the managerial controls of public funds and record keeping.

Finance Committee Members: Mike Meyer (Chair), Kim Hubertus, Lisa Barnidge, Renson Anjere, Kate Docken

Human Resources

The Human Resources committee is a committee of the School Board of Directors. The purpose of this committee is to review specific topics as assigned by the board of directors for the purpose of making a recommendation to the board of appropriate action to take. Common topics that may be discussed by this committee include common personnel functions such as compensation and employee benefit structures, staffing practices such as attracting and retaining staff, as well as communications among employees. The committee should refrain from handling specific employee performance concerns; those should be handled by the executive director in coordination with the full board of directors.

Human Resources Committee Members: Lisa Barnidge (Chair), Lisa Carlin, Celeste Wiederholt, Molly Lee

2017 – 2018 Human Resource Committee Meeting Minutes

2018 – 2019 Human Resource Committee Meeting Minutes

Public Relations

The Public Relations committee is also a committee of the School Board of Directors. Its purpose is to actively communicate and promote SHPA and its activities to the greater community and to interested families. This committee also coordinates annual school and community events. This committee is chaired by a Board member.

Public Relations Committee Members:  Molly Lee (Co-Chair), Jeffrey Miller (Co-Chair), Celeste Wiederholt, Mark Quistad


The Governance committee also reports to the School Board of Directors. Membership is comprised of Board members, parents, and community member volunteers. The purpose of this committee is to maintain and adhere to the school’s bylaws, review and make recommendations on issues of new policy, change existing policy, recommend any modifications or deletions from existing policies. The Governance committee also coordinates and maintains the board member training requirements and ensures compliance with all federal, state, authorizer and SHPA regulations.

Governance Committee Members: Kim Hubertus (Chair), Mike Meyer, Renson Anjere, Lisa Carlin, Molly Lee, Jeffrey Miller


Facilities Committee Members: Kate Docken (Chair), Mark Quistad, Jeffrey Miller, Kim Hubertus

2017 – 2018 Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes

2018 – 2019 Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes