Seven Hills Preparatory Academy


Seven Hills Preparatory Academy is an award-winning K-8 public charter school serving students as a single community from two locations.

Founded in 2006, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy (SHPA) offers a rigorous, content-rich academic program that fosters lifelong learning and character development in each student. Our Elementary School serves Grades K – 5, and our Middle School serves Grades 6 – 8. We enroll 900+ students and support them with a team of 70+ administrators, teachers, specialists and staff.

Our school has two campus locations. The Bloomington campus is located in a space leased from Cedar Valley Church, not far from I–494, south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and The Mall of America. The Richfield campus is in the Minnesota School of Business building, between Lyndale Avenue and I-35W.

Elementary students attend both the Bloomington and Richfield campuses. Middle school students attend the Richfield campus only.

At SHPA, we deliver instruction through the Classical Education model. We use Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence and courses in the liberal arts for our curriculum.

Our Mission

Seven Hills Preparatory Academy engages students in a rigorous Classical education, designed to prepare each one for strong citizenship and life-long learning.

This emphasis on lifelong learning and citizenship, as well as an additional focus on character development, enriches the experience of our students by underscoring the importance of liberal arts to education that celebrates community involvement and promises a safe and welcoming school setting. Students and families may expect to experience a broad, well-rounded, developmental approach to learning that encourages students to be assertive, self-confident, and empathetic. SHPA’s values inspire students to respect other ideas and individuals, cooperate well in groups and on projects, and strive for excellence in all things.

Whether it is instilling the joy of reading, catalyzing the spirit of scientific discovery, fostering an appreciation of the arts, or understanding the value of physical health and fitness, all SHPA’s students are expected to meet high standards across content areas to be well-prepared for learning and for life.

Our Vision

Recognizing that all students have the right to pursue academic and personal excellence, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy challenges students by:

  • Providing a caring and structured small-school environment;
  • Maintaining high expectations of students, staff, and the community;
  • Inspiring critical thinking, creativity, and an appreciation for beauty through active implementation of the Core Knowledge curriculum and study of the liberal arts;
  • Promoting a strong value system that embraces caring, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy and self-control.


Our Values

SHPA was founded on these values:

  • We focus on the origin of Western Civilization and culture, while fostering an appreciation of other cultures and understanding the emerging global culture.
  • We recognize the Classical trivium, the developmental stages of grammar, logic, and rhetoric as well as the importance of studying liberal arts.
  • We promote a strong value system by embracing CARES (Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self-Control) in the Elementary School and RICCHES in the Middle School (Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Community, Honesty, Excellence and Self-Discipline).
  • We value intellectual rigor and mental discipline with the goal of developing wisdom and eloquence.
  • We attend to character development through a focus on truth, goodness, virtue, and beauty with the purpose of cultivating strong citizenship.
  • We strive for high standards of academic excellence, a spirit of inquiry and intellectual curiosity.
  • Hard work is highly valued.
  • Our culture is a warm community where everyone is committed to life-long learning.