Minnesota Charter Schools


Seven Hills Preparatory Academy is a public charter school authorized by Minnesota law.

Charter schools are funded with state public education revenues and answerable to the Minnesota Department of Education, but they operate independently of the traditional school district in which they are located. Each charter school serves as its own individual district, called a Local Educational Agency (LEA). While charter schools belong to the Minnesota state system of public education, they are formed and operated by teachers, parents, or community members rather than created by communities or municipalities, and have an articulated mandate for results for which they are closely supervised. Charter Schools are schools of choice or destination schools for students and parents.

Charter schools are governed by an elected Board of Directors that must answer to the Minnesota Department of Education. They are open to all students and do not charge tuition. They employ licensed teachers, offer services to special needs students, are accountable for specific academic and non-academic outcomes, and must meet state and federal standards for testing, academic performance, and financial management. School funding comes from Minnesota general education revenues. Charter schools are also required to have a sponsor to whom they report and are closely scrutinized by both state regulators and these sponsors to oversee the school’s accountability efforts and successful performance. SHPA’s sponsor is The Friends of Education.

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