We carefully monitor student performance to ensure continuous progress.

An important contributing factor to our continued success at Seven Hills is our whole community’s support for a rigorous, structured, and disciplined academic program that is influenced and driven by continuous research, data gathering, and assessments on the learning performance and skills mastery of every individual student.

In addition to routine standardized assessments, we measure student achievement in multiple ways, both formally and informally. Student portfolios, essay writing, project completion, teacher observations, parent surveys, oral assessments, concept quizzes, and tests, anecdotal reports, student self-assessments, etc., are used in all academic settings throughout the year. Teachers use the results from these standardized, formative, and summative assessments when implementing the curriculum, continually measuring each student’s individual progress for all subjects at their own ability level. When issues, struggles or problems are identified, we immediately address remediation, enrichment, and special needs.

Report Cards

Elementary School reports cards are mailed home four times a year through U.S. Mail, following the end of each Quarter.

Middle School report cards are issued four times a year following the end of each Quarter. Report cards are sent home with students in Quarters I, II and III. At the end of the year, they are mailed home through U.S. Mail. The Parent Portal is updated regularly with grade reports at the end of all Quarters, as well.

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Interim Assessments

All students will participate in Interim Assessments. In the Elementary School, we administer these assessments quarterly in math, reading, and the specialist classes. The assessments are designed to drive instruction and advance the learning and growth of each student.

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Minnesota Comprehensive Testing

In compliance with Minnesota state teaching and education requirements, all students participate in Reading, Math, and Science MCAs in the spring of each year. These tests are administered to help the school track the individual proficiency and growth of each student as well as our own progress toward our goals to increase achievement and success for every student.

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Homework is an integral part of a student’s educational growth and development, and a rigorous curriculum requires that students prepare outside of school. Homework demands student organization and responsibility that is supported by parental involvement and an appropriate structure at home. Homework assignments are a part of student grades, and missing or incomplete assignments must be completed and returned for credit.

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Infinite Campus Parent Portal – Middle School

Parents and families of Middle School students have access to the SHPA Infinite Campus Parent Portal. This tool provides an online gradebook to track academic progress on assignments and exams. In addition, teachers have classroom websites which provide additional information on grading procedures, classroom expectations, upcoming projects, and extra resources. We encourage you to use these important resources.

District ID: LMZSQW

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