Elementary School


Elementary Schoolers are engaged from day one to build a foundation that fosters an appreciation for education and life-long learning.

In our Elementary School classrooms at SHPA, you will see Classical education and liberal arts implemented in the following ways.

  • The Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence provides a factual foundation for each subject in a content-rich, sequential, systematic, and cumulative curriculum;
  • Study of classic literature and original texts leads to Socratic discussion;
  • Teacher-directed learning supports the foundational, or grammar, stage of Classical education;
  • A language-intensive curriculum;
  • An integrated curriculum across subject areas using History as the unifier linking all subjects together;
  • Writing is featured prominently across all subject areas;
  • We memorize quality prose, literature, facts, dates, people, and geographic locations;
  • Art and music theory is taught as well as art and music appreciation and performance;
  • Physical Education is central to the curriculum;
  • Latin is taught in all grades;
  • Students make oral presentations to develop skills in rhetoric.

Additionally, we adhere to the Minnesota Depart of Education’s Local Literacy Plan “Reading Well By Third Grade [593]”, which helps ensure reading proficiency by the end of third grade in accordance with Minnesota State Statute 120.B.12. The plan focuses on the Elementary School, specifically grades K-3. Please download the full plan below for further information.