Our enrichment program is designed to accommodate student needs for both remediation and gifted and talented needs.

Because all students are viewed as capable learners, we challenge them to the best of their individual abilities. All staff is dedicated to bringing each child up to and, when possible, beyond grade level. Our Gifted and Talented Specialist identifies students working two grade levels above their peers and instructs them in advanced Math and Reading. Our Literacy and Math Specialists use a tiered intervention system and implement reading and math interventions to those students performing below grade level.

Gifted & Talented

Gifted and talented students are those students who are identified at elementary and secondary levels as possessing advanced abilities. These students are capable of high performance when measured against other students of similar ages, experience and environment. They come from diverse populations of our communities. They are students whose potential requires educational programs and/or services that are different from our general school programs and that challenge them beyond regular classroom requirements.

High performing students include those with demonstrated achievement or potential ability in any one or more of the following areas: general intellectual ability, specific academic subjects, creativity, leadership, visual and/or performing arts.

Program Goals
Gifted Educational Services at SHPA directs instructional opportunities to the unique needs of each gifted child, including:

  • Differentiated curriculum in all grades
  • Regular classroom curricula and instruction that is adapted, modified or replaced
  • A flexible instructional pace to allow for the accelerated learning of gifted learners, as appropriate
  • A continuum of differentiated curricular options, instructional approaches and resource materials.

For more information on our Gifted and Talented program, please visit the Program Overview page.