Capstone Trip


8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.

SHPA’s Core Knowledge curriculum with the Classical Education model prepares our Middle School students for a strong academic future. Our school continues to strengthen and grow as a spirited, diverse, and rigorous learning community. To that end, we offer all 8th Grade Students a Capstone Trip to Washington, D.C., to culminate and celebrate their efforts and achievement. This trip occurs every spring and advances our school’s mission, serving as a memorable experience for our 8th Grade graduating class.

While the tour schedule varies each year, our students visit sites such as Gettysburg, The Holocaust Museum, The Smithsonian, many monuments including Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and WWII, Ford’s Theater, The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agency, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, The Secret Service, our Nation’s Capital, The Supreme Court, and, when possible, visits to our Minnesota Representatives and Senators. These are just a few of the exciting experiences that will forever impact their lives on this learning experience of a lifetime.