Alumni Corner

Every day we are reminded of how grateful we are to contribute and belong to such a welcoming and supportive learning community. We are reminded, too, of the importance of our school’s mission to prepare students to become strong citizens and lifelong learners grounded in values of compassion, cooperation, and open mindedness. Our democratic Classical model also prepares our students to engage in critical thinking and respectful debate that encourages patient listening and perspective-taking. And our commitment to equity keeps us focused on diversity and inclusion and the cultivation of a learning environment where students and staff from all backgrounds work hard to prepare for a diverse world in which they make lasting contributions. We are fortunate to be a part of Seven Hills, and each day we are motivated by the mission, vision, and values toward which we aspire. Thank you, parents, for partnering with us in the sometimes challenging, but always vital, work of education: we appreciate your involvement as well as your support.

As new students join us, learn, and go on to contribute to the world around us we celebrate their achievements.


Matthew Kiflu: Graduated 8th grade in 2013

  • Attending Harvard University

Akela Rimstad: Graduated 8th grade in 2015

  • Co-Captain 2018/2019 Academy of Holy Angels Fastpitch Softball Team

Isaiah Watts: Graduated 8th grade in 2015

  • Captain and starting quartback of the Jefferson High School Football Team
  • Homecoming King

Cole Jungwirth: Graduated 8th grade in 2015

  • Captain of Soccer and Hockey Team

Gavin Wendorf: Graduated 8th grade in 2015

  • Captain of Hockey Team

Sean Sheets: Graduated 8th grade in 2015

  • Stars in many play/performances at his High School