Busing & Transportation


SHPA is pleased to offer bus transportation to all eligible students within our geographic transportation plan.

SHPA is pleased to offer bus transportation to all eligible students within our geographic transportation plan.

New and returning students needing to ride the bus to and from school must register every school year to use our transportation service.  Forms will be available May 13 through June 14, 2019.  Forms are required for each student.  Families who submit forms after the deadline should plan to make transportation arrangements the first 3 weeks of school.

We remind all families that riding the bus is a privilege. Poor student behavior on the bus poses dangers to all children by distracting the driver from the task of safely transporting children to and from school. To that end, SHPA has strict bus procedures that all students must follow. Both parents and students are asked to sign a covenant to abide by these rules, which is kept on file in the school office. This is found in the Parent/Student handbook. Students sit in assigned seats on the bus and are expected to share seating space with other students. Seating charts are issued to assist the driver to identify every student. Bus misbehavior issues are addressed as they arise by involving both parents and students in resolving problems.

Parents wishing to transport their children to and from school by car are welcome to do so.  Please review this policy as found in our Parent-Student Handbook.


School contacts for questions:
Richfield campus: Monica Wood – mwood@shpamn.org
Bloomington campus: Barb Mattson – bmattson@shpamn.org

Should you need assistance from the Bloomington Campus transportation department after hours, please call (763) 244-7732.

Bus Company Contacts for questions or emergencies:

FourPointO Bus Company (Richfield Campus Busing): 952-835-1019


Busing Facts and Timeline
We have 17 buses that transport more than 600 students from 500 families each school day
Safety will always be the first and foremost objective of our bus transportation service
The goal for route times will be approximately one hour, weather and traffic permitting
K – 8th grade students who do not live in Bloomington or Richfield will be serviced by hub stops
Bloomington/Richfield Kindergarten students will receive stops at the corner of their street
Bloomington/Richfield 1st-5th grade students will have stops approximately 4 blocks from their house
Bloomington/Richfield 6-8th grade students will have stops approximately 6 blocks from their house
Parents of K-5th grade students are expected to be present at the bus stop for pickup/drop-off
Students must be registered to ride the bus and receive only one a.m. and one p.m. stop
Bus drivers are entrusted with the responsibility of managing and referring student behavior
Each campuses bus service may differ in some respects based upon contracts and providers
Students are only allowed to ride the bus to which they have been assigned (No Exceptions)

  • May 13: Busing application window opens up and building of initial routes begins
  • June 14: Bus Application Deadline
  • August 12: Routes Will Be Finalized and Will Begin to Notify Families
  • October 11: Change Request Deadline

For additional information, please reference the MDE FAQ Sheet or the following district boundary map: http://www.mngeo.state.mn.us/maps/SchoolDistricts/

If you have further questions, contact:

Barb Mattson (Bloomington Campus) at bmattson@shpamn.org

Monica Wood (Richfield Campus) at mwood@shpamn.org

Busing is a privilege, not a right, and we work hard in cooperation with our transportation partners to provide quality service at an affordable rate to our families!

2019-2020 Busing Application and Change of Address Form

For those seeking bus transportation for their children to school, all families, new and returning, must complete a bus registration form for each student attending SHPA. Forms are available May 13 through June 14, 2019. Please use the comments field on the form for additional information. Any forms submitted after the deadline should make alternative arrangements the first 3 weeks of school and we will work with the bus company to have your request in place by Sept. 24, 2019.

Please note that there are separate forms for each of our two school campuses; be sure to fill out the correct form for the correct campus.

  • Please fill out a bus application if there are any changes to: address, new daycare or change in frequency (days of the week).
  • Please call the appropriate contact person if you are signed up for busing and are no longer using it.  It helps expedite busing, especially the morning routes.
  • SHPA buses students from the public school districts of Bloomington, Richfield, Burnsville & S. Mpls.
  • Applications are only accepted electronically.
  • After submission of the form, you will see “Thank you” at the top of the page. That ensures the form was submitted properly.

The transportation open enrollment period is closed.

School contacts for questions:
Richfield campus: Monica Wood – mwood@shpamn.org
Bloomington campus: Barb Mattson – bmattson@shpamn.org


Once you have completed your Busing Application, please Click Here to pay the busing fee.

Transportation Information and Downloads

Pick-up and drop off procedures for both campuses and the Bloomington transition bus will be posted closer to the school year. The  Transition Bus will continue to pick up at Door 11 at the Bloomington Campus and is only intended for families with students at both the Bloomington and Richfield Campuses. Please remember that there is a fee to ride the bus between campuses. Please complete the Busing Application form above for the campus your student(s) will be attending.

Pick-up and drop off procedures for the Richfield Campus and the Bloomington transition bus.