Student Health


Attending to the health needs of our students is important for them and for the greater school community.

SHPA requires that each child have an Emergency Health and Accident Form on file. Before medication can be given out at school, parents/guardians and the child’s physician must complete health forms available from the school office. Parents/guardians are asked to contact the school regarding any problems concerning their child’s health, medication, or communicable diseases.


No medication is given at school except that which has been prescribed by a physician and is needed to keep the child in school. Medication that is taken at school must be brought to the school office in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy by a parent/guardian. Children may not transport medication to school and must come to the office to receive medications.

Students may not carry any type of medicines, pills, or inhalers in class during the school day without a note from the physician indicating the student must be allowed to carry these item(s).


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