School uniforms reflect a proper school attitude, identity and pride consistent with a Classical Education.

All SHPA students wear a uniform. Our dress code does not attempt to take into account every possible clothing instance, but serves as a practical guide to making decisions to ensure clothing is modest, unobtrusive, and in good repair. Students are required to be in uniform during the school day as well as on field trips, unless otherwise notified. We are grateful to students and parents/guardians for their support of our clothing policy.

We do not require specific vendors or brands of clothing to be worn by the students as long as clothing adheres to the Uniform Dress Code. Uniforms are available through French Toast Uniforms, Educational Outfitters and Edgewood Marketing Group.

Elementary School: Our colors are blue, white and Elementary School plaid
Middle School: Our colors are white, navy, khaki and Middle School plaid

Additional uniform details can be found in the Middle and Elementary School Student Handbooks or in the Middle and Elementary School Uniform Dress Code Policy.

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