Middle School Prospects


Why choose Seven Hills for your Middle School child?

Whether your student is graduating to us from our Elementary School or coming to us — and to Classical education — from another institution, our Middle School prides itself on providing a premier experience for every student.  At SHPA, our commitment to excellence begins by respecting each student for their individuality while challenging them to become the best version of themselves. We value exceptional citizenship and believe that future success is founded first in a strong academic experience.

  1. We exceed the performance of our peer schools in proficiency, growth, and progress toward closing the achievement gaps.
  2. As a Minnesota Reward School, we rank among the highest performing schools in the state.
  3. We provide a caring, structured, small-school environment.
  4. We maintain exceptionally high expectations of students, staff and community, believing that all students have a right to pursue both academic and personal excellence.
  5. We encourage a life-long passion for knowledge, creativity, and debate.
  6. We promote and recognize strong character growth through leadership, volunteerism, and team-building.
  7. We instill, teach, and reward the core values of respect, honesty, and integrity.
  8. We measurably grow each student’s unique learning abilities in preparation for High School.
  9. We encourage critical thinking, creativity, and an appreciation for beauty through the Core Knowledge curriculum and liberal arts exploration that educates the whole person.
  10. We place a high value on virtue and citizenship.