Welcome To Seven Hills Preparatory Academy

Welcome to Seven Hills Preparatory Academy

Welcome Prospective SHPA Parents and Students!

Thank you for your interest in SHPA! We are a High-Quality, Minnesota Reward School, providing an excellent preparatory education for all students tuition-free as a result of our public charter status. We hope you find much of the information you need by searching this section of our website, and be sure to view other sections of the website to learn more about our culture, learning, and day-to-day activities. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school for more information.

“It’s a great school. I have learned more things than in other schools.”
Rashaun C. – 14 years old

“The school…helps us learn more about ourselves.”
Joe G. – 13 years old

“It’s a safe environment. Teachers care about you, and encourage us to do our best.”
Jayden S. – 13 years old

“When you make a mistake, you are allowed to learn from it.”
Grace S. – 12 years old

Q: What kinds of kids would do well here?
A: “Anyone can be successful.”
A: “They help students catch up when they come from other schools.”
A: “Students feel they are ahead.”
A: “Students are proud of themselves.”
A: “My friends who go to other schools can’t do what I do, especially in Math, Latin, and homework.”
A: “This school puts you further ahead in learning. And in life.”
A: “The education here is preparing us for school and for life.”
A: “I used to be really quiet. Now I’m not.”