Middle School Activities


Participation in clubs and sports foster camaraderie among students outside of the classroom.

SHPA offers before and after school activities for our Middle School students. These activities are designed to be extensions of the curriculum and additional opportunities for social-emotional growth and development. Some activities are fee-based and may be offered independently or in partnership with other programs. Some activities may also involve travel and competitions. All students are encouraged to participate. CLUBS CATALOG BELOW.


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All sports are held at the Bloomington Campus and all clubs meet at the Richfield Campus. A transitional bus from the Richfield Campus to the Bloomington Campus will be available for student athletes.

Fall Sports

Traveling Co-Ed Soccer.
Teams for 5-6 Grade and 7-8 Grade.


Winter Sports

Traveling Co-Ed Basketball.
Teams for 5-6 Grade and 7-8 Grade.


Spring Sports

Traveling Co-Ed Volleyball.
Teams for 5-6 Grade and 7-8 Grade.

Schedules will be posted when they are developed.

  • Theater
  • Art/Yearbook Club
  • Choir
  • Band
  • Environment Club
  • Visual Language

In the event that an extra curricular activity is cancelled due to severe weather or other circumstances, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy staff will adhere to the following procedure: